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Sewage Treatment Tank

basic information

  The rotomolding wastewater treatment tank is integrally formed by a rotomolding process, which is a sewage treatment device that connects the filtration and disinfection device to the waste water discharge pipe so that the domestic wastewater can reach the discharge standard or be reused. It is mainly used to install sewage treatment equipment to purify sewage.

  Has the following characteristics:

  1. One-piece molding, seamless, no welding, impact resistance, no leakage.

  2. Imported polyethylene has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance and weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and light weight.

  3. It can make various sewage treatment boxes with complicated structures.

  4. Has good resistance to environmental stress, impact strength, tear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance

  5. Low cost, economical and durable: one-piece molding without bonding, not easy to break, long service life, can be recycled many times, reducing procurement cost