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Sewage Lifting Box

basic information

  The sewage lifting device is a system that combines the sewage pump and the water collecting tank, the control device, and the related pipe fittings to upgrade and transport the waste water below the sewer or away from the municipal pipe network, which can effectively solve or avoid the traditional set. The problem with puddles. The advantages of the sewage lifting box manufactured by the rotomolding process are as follows:

  1.Using imported materials, integrated molding, completely solve the leakage troubles;

  2. The appearance is clean and beautiful, impact resistant and excellent in strength;

  3. Good toughness, heat resistance, cold resistance, strong anti-corrosion ability and long service life;

  4. Light weight, easy to handle, easy to install;

  5. Integrated structure, which can be designed according to the terrain;

  6. The product is light and can be used for installation in various environments.